Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is my Action Reseach?

I don't have anything specific in my mind right now but I always fascinated on how the use of technology plays a very important role in the development of my students' learning.  On how it augment students' skills or bridge the gap in their academic progress.  I have to see for myself the parameters or limitations in the use of technology versus hands-on learning.  How much of technology, hands-on learning and explicit instruction are needed in order for me to see that my students get it --- I mean the use of conceptual understanding.  Though how they learn is relative i'm still on the verge of discovering what work to my students and what did not work. 

We all know that students with special needs may not be capable of having exactly the same educational experiences as others, we, teachers must provide an education that is appropriate for them.  With the state assessments come into play, I see the use of technology (such as computer based program, SmartBoard lessons and activities, Ipad, etc) as one if not the most important tool to bridge the gap of meeting the standards for my students.

In Prince George's County, there are several internet based program or software being used in most elementary school such as FastMath, First In Math, SkillsTutor, Study Island and others.  I am just wondering which program/software works and which one do not.  Not to mention tons of0 free interactive games in the web that is also helping my students to learn.  There are also a lot of technology tools to use from (at least for my school).  Which tool is effective in teaching my students? How much of these goes into teacher preparation or teacher readiness in using the technology being provided.

With the vast interactive educational program/software in math, which is effective or helpful to your students? Which technology tool is appropriate?

What specific topic in the use of technology do I need to research on?  Any suggestion?


  1. Hi Julieta,

    I love the embedded video in your blog post, and I am particularly interested in your topic of how the integration of technology may or may not change the learning of mathematics. Instead of focusing on which technology works, maybe you could focus on a particular technology and see how learning changes over time with that use. Perhaps you could integrate the use of virtual manipulatives and see how that changes learning experiences or conceptual understanding of what students are learning.

  2. One more question - can you email me? I have the wrong email for you and so everytime I email the class, your email bounces back!